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W.A. Mozart – String quartet no. 17 ‘Hunt’ KV458

J. Widmann – Jagdquartett (2003)
OR J. Haydn – String quartet op. 1 no. 1 ‘La chasse’

B. Bartók – String quartet no. 4 Sz.91

Selection from ‘Wood Works’

Come along to the forest to hunt for the beast! Although hunting is not necessary for our survival anymore, humans will always stay on the hunt. The hunt for the best professional career or the best lover, or the hunt for adrenaline and adventure. We are so focused on chasing our ambitions that we sometimes fail to realize that we have become the prey of too high expectations. In Mozart’s time, the hunt might have been a way to flee from those high expectations and strict social rules. Or was the hunt maybe a symbol of the inner beast that one had to suppress? In Bartók’s and Widmann’s music the message is clear: to return to the essence of humanity, we have to instinctively follow our senses to look for a primal feeling and the wild beauty of nature.